Woman Attends Local Yard Sale, Discovers Jacket Belonging to Her Missing Daughter

Woman Attends Local Yard Sale, Discovers Jacket Belonging to Her Missing Daughter

Kaylee’s daughter, Amanda, went missing two weeks ago. Both Kaylee and the police have been making significant efforts to find her, but there hasn’t been even a trace of Amanda. One day, after putting up more flyers, Kaylee stops by her neighbor’s garage sale and is horrified to see Amanda’s jacket—the one she was wearing the night she disappeared.

Kaylee walked around the city, carefully putting up flyers on every lamppost and bulletin board she could find. Each flyer had a photo of her missing daughter, Amanda, and a desperate plea for anyone with information to call.

Amanda had run away from home two weeks ago, and there had been no sign of her since then. Her phone was off, and none of her friends knew where she was.

At first, Kaylee thought it was just typical teenage rebellion, something Amanda would get over in a day or two.

But when Amanda didn’t return after two days, Kaylee’s worry turned to panic. She went straight to the police, who immediately began a search operation.

Since then, Kaylee has tirelessly put up flyers, hoping for any leads. Yesterday’s heavy rain ruined all her previous efforts, so today, she was starting over.

As she stapled the last flyer to a telephone pole, she felt a mix of exhaustion and determination. Her heart ached with worry, and she fought back tears, knowing she couldn’t give up.

When she finally ran out of flyers, Kaylee headed back home. As she approached her house, she noticed her neighbor Angela setting up for a garage sale. Colorful signs and various items were scattered across the yard.

“Kaylee!” Angela called, waving energetically. “Come over! I have lots of stuff!”

Kaylee shook her head and said, “Sorry, Angela. I’m not in the mood right now.”


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