Waitress Is Rude to Pop Singer, His Response Surprises Her — Story of the Day

Waitress Is Rude to Pop Singer, His Response Surprises Her — Story of the Day

A struggling singer was startled by a waitress’ rudeness and so he decided to surprise her with an unexpected gesture.

Josh Hallaren wanted to be a singer, but the only place where he could get people to listen to his songs was on the streets, or on the subway. He’d stand on the street corner or on the platform with his guitar and sing his heart out.

Often people would stop to listen and leave a few dollars in his guitar case, money Josh was saving up for a one-hour session in a small studio. He knew that once he got his music out there he’d be a star.

One afternoon, Josh had been singing on a street corner outside a small restaurant, and the owner himself had stopped to enjoy his music. The man filmed Josh with his phone and smiled.


“That’s a great song,” he said, “When you finish your set, come in for lunch and I’ll give you a 50% discount on your meal!”

Josh grinned at the man and thanked him. An hour later, he walked into the restaurant and ordered a hamburger. Unlike her boss, the waitress was anything but friendly.

“You want fries with that?” she asked brusquely.

Josh gave her his best smile. “Yes please,” he said, “and some of that apple pie for dessert.”

An angry face can hide a sad and troubled heart.
The woman’s mouth twisted. “Apple pie — isn’t that just charming. Wish my life was apple pie.”

When she brought out Josh’s order, she slammed the food down on the table, and he could see she was just as rude to the other customers.


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