Trash collector became full-time nanny after babysitting my kids for 25 minutes

Trash collector became full-time nanny after babysitting my kids for 25 minutes

When Dr. Sanders got a call from the hospital about an emergency, she found herself in a very difficult position. She had the day off, and had a hard time finding a babysitter for her three young children.

“Now? Are you sure Dr. Morris is not available?” she asked Nurse Carey on the phone while already changing her clothes and trying to think of a solution to her problem.

“No, Dr. Sanders. Dr. Morris is currently driving across state lines trying to get here. You live close by, so I thought I would call. The interns have no idea what they’re doing. I know it’s your day off, but I didn’t know what else to do. Will you be able to come?” Nurse Carey said, doing her best not to sound worried.

Dr. Sanders was quick to call her sister for help, but she wasn’t home and couldn’t help. She then called Vicky, the woman who babysat the kids every now and then, but she said she didn’t feel fine and couldn’t step in either.

Following the passing of her husband Peter, Dr. Sanders was left to raise her three children, Johnny, 9, Christie, 7, and Lucy, alone.

Usually, she paid through the roof for the local daycare center when she was scheduled regularly at work, but she couldn’t rush them in that day. It was already noon on a Friday, and she would feel bad sending them.

In the middle of the chaos, Dr. Sanders heard her three children shouting “Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob,” as they rushed out of the house.

They didn’t have an uncle, but the local garbageman who took Dr. Sanders’ trash for over ten years was so friendly to her children that they grew fond of him throughout the years.


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