The Maid-of-Honor’s Speech Turned My Son’s Wedding into a Disaster

The Maid-of-Honor’s Speech Turned My Son’s Wedding into a Disaster

Linda was confident she had raised her son right. He was about to marry a lovely girl, and they had already planned a joint business venture. However, a single speech from the maid of honor was about to tarnish her son’s image irreparably.

I always considered myself a good mother. I did my best not to be overbearing or one of those overly protective ‘boy moms’ you see all over the internet these days. I taught him to respect women and the elderly and to stand up for the weak. He grew into quite the gentleman. So, when my son, Connor, brought home his girlfriend, Carrie, I welcomed her with open arms. Little did I know their wedding would turn into an absolute disaster.

Naturally, I did some background checking. Carrie seemed like an ordinary girl: she drove an old, modest car and took public transportation when it broke down. She never asked Connor for extravagant gifts, and the presents she gave us were tasteful but not costly.

I noticed she sometimes treated herself to a spa weekend or a high-end meal, but I attributed that to good financial management. Every girl deserves to indulge herself occasionally, don’t you think?

Imagine my surprise when we arranged to meet her parents, and a luxury car picked us up! It turned out her father owned a renowned building company, so their family could spend money lavishly. When I asked how their daughter lived so modestly, her mother explained their arrangement. They refused to cover her day-to-day expenses but would support her if she decided to start her own business. They also planned to fund her dream wedding.

While Carrie mentioned she didn’t have a business plan yet, I saw Connor’s eyes light up. He had dreamed of starting a technology company since he was a child, but we never had the funds, and he had no luck with grants. Naturally, he saw this as a perfect opportunity.

On the way back, Connor explained his idea to Carrie, and she was immediately on board. They discussed it non-stop, and I was thrilled to see them planning their business as a soon-to-be family. Carrie even suggested meeting with investors immediately after their wedding. I wish I’d known it all would soon be over.

As the wedding approached, I noticed Carrie acting differently. She tried her best to meet my son’s expectations for their business, but I could see she was struggling inside. When I asked her if there was a problem, she politely dismissed my concerns. While I suspected possible family issues or a minor fight with Connor, the thought of her being pregnant also crossed my mind. However, I decided to let the kids sort things out themselves.

On the wedding day, Carrie seemed particularly anxious, but I brushed it off. She was the bride, after all, and her father had invited many influential people—who wouldn’t be nervous? As she walked to her seat, accepting compliments, I noticed her maid of honor, Susan, arguing with Connor. They were having a heated discussion, which startled me, but I knew better than to intervene. Deep down, I felt a disaster brewing.

When it was time for the speeches, the room fell silent as the maid of honor raised her glass. She looked like someone facing her doom. She began with standard thank-yous and pleasantries, then dropped the bombshell.

“Carrie. You’ve been my best friend for years and years. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about myself. This whole thing… it has to stop. Connor and I have been having an affair for months!”

Silence engulfed the room, all eyes on the bride. To everyone’s surprise, she erupted in loud, almost diabolical laughter. “Wow, Susie,” she said. “Thank God you had it in you to confess. I thought I’d have to do the talking myself!”

“You see,” she continued, walking towards Susan, “I knew you two couldn’t be trusted from the way you looked at each other. So, I installed hidden cameras in the house. And what do you think I saw? Two lovebirds in my love nest!”

She snatched the microphone from Susan’s hands. “Thanks to my dad, we drafted a nice prenup agreement, which my soon-to-be hubby signed without reading. In case you’re curious, infidelity leaves you with nothing to your name!

“But don’t worry, guys! I laced your pieces of cake with a slow-acting laxative! Enjoy your first night together, bastards!”

The ensuing chaos was like a tidal wave. People ran to the toilets, spat out cake, while the bride and her family watched from afar. Seeing my confusion, Carrie approached me and took my hand.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Green. You’ve always been kind to me. You’re safe to enjoy the cake.”

I walked out of the wedding hall that day feeling completely shattered. I was only sure of one thing: I didn’t think I knew the man I had raised.


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