My Pregnant Wife Started Returning Home Late at Night – I Lost Control When I Found Out the Reason

My Pregnant Wife Started Returning Home Late at Night – I Lost Control When I Found Out the Reason

In the tranquility of our home, well past 11 p.m., I sensed an unsettling absence. My wife, typically the one to welcome me with dinner and a smile, hadn’t returned from work yet.

It had become a regular occurrence for my wife to arrive home late from work, a departure from her usual punctuality. This deviation from her norm raised red flags, as she had never been one to stray from her routine without prior communication.

One evening, as the clock struck 11, I decided to reach out to her. She answered with forced cheerfulness, claiming to be swamped with paperwork at the office. However, beneath the surface, her voice trembled with an unease that couldn’t be ignored.

As nights turned into a pattern, my concern transformed into a nightly ritual. One particular night, while seeking a glass of water, I stumbled upon her in the living room, tears streaming down her face.

Seeing her in such distress was heartbreaking, especially considering she was seven months pregnant. Despite attributing her emotional state to pregnancy hormones, it was evident that something deeper was troubling her.

Motivated by a growing sense of unease, I resolved to uncover the truth behind my wife’s late nights. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon her phone one day, seeing a deluge of messages from her coworkers, that the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

What I discovered wasn’t an affair or any issue related to our relationship. Instead, it was a workplace dilemma my wife was facing that she had kept hidden from me.

Her colleagues were not discussing work-related matters; rather, they were subjecting her to bullying tactics, piling their tasks onto her shoulders, leaving her overwhelmed and overworked well into the night.

Their messages were cruel and derogatory, attacking her appearance, her competence, and her dedication to her job. Each word was a dagger to my heart, as I grappled with the realization of her silent suffering.

Driven by a sense of urgency to alleviate her distress, I took action. Leaving work early one day, I surprised her at her workplace, intending to whisk her away from the toxic environment, even if just for a brief reprieve.


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