My Husband’s Family Always Excludes Me from Dinners, So One Time I Taught Them a Real Lesson

My Husband’s Family Always Excludes Me from Dinners, So One Time I Taught Them a Real Lesson

A woman who had spent three years being excluded from family activities with her in-laws finally reached her breaking point one night. However, after her husband’s adverse reaction to her taking a stand, she wondered if she might have overreacted.

A Reddit user took to the platform to share the story of how she was continually excluded from her husband’s family events during their three-year marriage. She also shared the point at which it all became too much and wondered if she had overreacted.

The 32-year-old woman shared that her 35-year-old husband was great in many ways, yet she found herself grappling with a recurring question: Why was she, unlike her husband’s brothers’ significant others, only invited to monthly family dinners 50% of the time?

She shared that her husband’s family had regular dinners together and her husband’s brothers’ fianceés and girlfriends were always invited. However, her husband would tell her that she should stay home for some of them.

The tipping point came when, once again, she was asked to “sit this one out,” as her husband left for another family dinner without her. Fueled by frustration and a desire for answers, she hatched a plan. She made a reservation at the same restaurant, ensuring a table for herself alone.

Her husband left for dinner and she made her way to the restaurant 15 minutes later. As her husband dined with his family, unaware of her plans, she arrived shortly after. She maintained a low profile until she feigned needing a bathroom break, which allowed her to walk past their table, where her husband saw her.

Her husband was flabbergasted, asking her what she was doing there, while her mother-in-law deemed her actions rude. She defended herself, stating she had not intended to join them but felt like steak and had come to eat some. She then returned to her table to finish her meal alone.

When her husband arrived home after dinner, he told her what she had done was wrong and began calling her names. The woman also called her husband names and said that she should be invited to the dinners, too, because she knew that her brothers-in-law’s significant others were always invited.


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