My Husband Created a Daily Cooking Schedule and Expects Me to Prepare Every Meal Listed

My Husband Created a Daily Cooking Schedule and Expects Me to Prepare Every Meal Listed

Sarah had always believed her marriage was stable until the day she encountered a detailed gourmet menu pinned to the refrigerator, instructing her to prepare luxurious meals despite her exhausting work schedule. This discovery unveiled significant underlying issues in their relationship, sparking an intense dispute that left them both shaken.

Throughout her career as a project manager in a dynamic tech company, Sarah had excelled, frequently working overtime and even bringing work home over the weekends. In spite of her hectic professional life, she managed to maintain the household, taking care of chores, grocery shopping, and hosting occasional dinner gatherings with friends.

Her husband Tom, on the other hand, had a consistent job as an accountant with standard hours and weekends free. Though he often spoke of his exhaustion and stress, Sarah, who cherished Tom deeply and was devoted to their union, willingly shouldered a heavier load at home.

However, the balance tipped too far on the day Sarah returned from another demanding day at work to find a professionally typed menu affixed to the refrigerator with a magnet. Accompanying this menu was a note from Tom stating, “Cook it today.”

The menu listed intricate dishes like Beef Wellington, Coq au Vin, and Lobster Thermidor. Astonished and overwhelmed, Sarah, who already worked longer hours than Tom, could not fathom why he expected her to come home and prepare these complex recipes.


Turning her initial outrage into resolute determination, she texted Tom: “What’s with this menu on the fridge? Are you serious about me cooking all this?”

Tom’s response was prompt, albeit casual: “Yeah, I thought it would be nice to have some structure and variety in our meals. You’re such a good cook, and I think you can handle it. Let me know how it goes!”

Unable to believe his indifferent attitude, Sarah decided it was crucial to address this when he arrived home.

Upon his return, Tom greeted her with a cheerful tune. “Hey, Sarah,” he called out lightly.

“Hey,” she replied, her tone sharp. “We need to talk.”

Confused, Tom asked, “About what?”

Pointing towards the refrigerator, Sarah raised her voice, “About this menu.”


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