I Witnessed My Fiancé Offering a Marriage Proposal to Another Woman in the Presence of His Family

I Witnessed My Fiancé Offering a Marriage Proposal to Another Woman in the Presence of His Family

I Saw My Fiancé Proposing to Another Woman in Front of His Family

Imagine walking into a surprise that flips your world: your fiancé, on his knee, but not for you. Worst of all, the ring was an identical copy of yours. That happened to me, but here’s the thing: I don’t take betrayal lying down.

I’m Jessica, and I was living what I thought was a love story for the ages with Jack, my fiancé. The idea of a whirlwind romance is only really great in movies, where you don’t know what happens after the credits roll.

I was naive and thought Jack was the one. He proposed to me just six months into our relationship at my favorite restaurant. We even got applause from other people. I gushed about it to my friends, being a little braggy about it, and I believed all his promises. Our connection felt destined. Life, however, had its own plans.

I got an opportunity at work. It was just a six-month contract, but in another city four hours away. Jack and I made a plan to see each other once a month if the plane costs weren’t so high. That first month, he came to visit me, and we had a fantastic time, getting to know a new city together.

The second month, I went back, visited my family, and started wedding planning. We picked a date! It was supposed to be two months after my contract ended. After that, I got too busy. Jack did, too, at his job, or so I thought.


We didn’t see each other for an entire month. So, on a whim, I decided to surprise him. I flew back without telling him and headed straight to that same restaurant where this all began. I didn’t know if I wanted to plan a special dinner, but the staff knew me and would help.

The problem is that I didn’t expect to find Jack already there. And even worse, I saw him proposing to another woman at the very table where he had asked me to marry him. My jaw was on the floor the entire time, and for a second, I thought I was reliving my memory.

People around them clapped. I think the woman had brought her family. Jack stood after putting the ring on his new fiancée and must have sensed something because he turned and saw me. His lips thinned, and I knew this was no mistake or misunderstanding.

I wanted to scream and shout and call him every name in the book. But nothing came out, and then, he said something to the other woman and rushed to me, determined.

“Let me go,” I seethed when he grabbed my arm, but he dragged me outside.

“Jessica, listen to me!”


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