I Planned a Surprise Visit to My Husband’s Workplace, Only to Find Out He Was on Vacation

I Planned a Surprise Visit to My Husband’s Workplace, Only to Find Out He Was on Vacation

I had planned a delightful surprise for my husband at work, intending to bring him his favorite lunch, only to discover that he was on a vacation I knew nothing about. This startling revelation led me to uncover a deeply hidden secret at my sister’s house, shaking the very foundations of what I believed about my marriage and my family.

It was last Tuesday when I decided to surprise Ben at his workplace with a home-cooked meal of lasagna, his absolute favorite. The children were at school, giving me the perfect window to make his day special. I believed a surprise visit from his wife, complete with homemade food, would be a heartfelt gesture.

However, upon reaching his office, the receptionist looked at me strangely.

“You’re here to see Ben?” she queried, eyeing the lasagna in my hands.

“Yes, just thought I’d bring him lunch. Is he in his office?” I asked expectantly.

There was a moment’s hesitation before she responded, “Ben’s been on vacation for the past two weeks.”

The news hit me like a ton of bricks. Vacation? All this time, he had told me he was swamped with work, often working late into the night. I tried to mask my shock as I thanked the receptionist and left with a heavy heart.

Back home, my mind was in turmoil. Perhaps there was some misunderstanding—a communication error. But a misunderstanding that lasted two weeks? It seemed implausible. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was terribly wrong. Driven by a mix of suspicion and the need for clarity, I decided to follow him the next morning.

The next day, after arranging for my mother to watch the kids under the guise of running errands, I tracked Ben’s movements. He left the house early and drove across town, his destination none other than my sister Kate’s residence.

I watched from a distance as he parked his car and was greeted warmly by Kate. They hugged, and she led him inside with familiarity that pierced my heart. Was my husband having an affair with my own sister? The thought was torturous.


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