I Gave My House to My Son — He Betrayed Me in a Horrific Way

I Gave My House to My Son — He Betrayed Me in a Horrific Way

One of the worst emotions is betrayal, but when it comes from a close family member, it becomes even more terrible. When Josie’s son lied to her, she was completely devastated. In order to allow her son and his young wife to comfortably begin a family, the loving mother chose to gift her house to them. However, events transpired in a way that Josie could never have predicted. She wrote to us to ask for guidance and to share her experience.

Greetings, Josie We appreciate you telling us your story. We trust that these suggestions will be useful to you.

Seek therapy or mediation.
Set up a family meeting with a counselor or mediator with experience. Tell your son and daughter-in-law how much their deceit has hurt and deceived you.

A healthy discussion about your expectations, feelings, and the existing living situation can be facilitated by the mediator. Finding common ground can help you reach a solution that takes into account your worries about the mother-in-law coming in while also acknowledging your sacrifice.

Rethink your living situation.
Discuss and offer a different course of action that takes into account the requirements of all parties.For instance, propose that your daughter-in-law and son-in-law look for a smaller residence for the mother-in-law and themselves while you take back your home.

If needed, you can provide financial support, but make sure they know that your promise to give them the house was made with the intention of them creating a family of their own and not living with another adult.


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