I caught my fiancée cheating on me with my cousin, and later, at their wedding, I decided to get my revenge

I caught my fiancée cheating on me with my cousin, and later, at their wedding, I decided to get my revenge

In an unforgettable twist of fate, Alex discovered his long-time girlfriend and his cousin, whom he treated like a brother, betraying him in the most personal way. Despite the deep cuts of this betrayal, Alex found himself agreeing to play a pivotal role in their upcoming wedding, hiding his true intentions behind a mask of calm.

On a chilly day in March 2022, Alex took to Reddit’s “True Off My Chest” to unload the heavy story weighing on his heart. He began by describing his cousin Lucas, who had always been more like a sibling. “Lucas was someone I admired deeply. We were inseparable,” Alex shared.

At the same time, Alex was in a committed relationship with Sophie, a woman he truly loved and planned to marry. “Sophie was everything I wanted, and I was ready to spend my life with her,” he said. However, his idealistic view of his life was about to shatter.

The Heartbreaking Discovery
Returning home early from work one unexpected afternoon—a colleague had covered his shift—Alex described the surreal moment. “I got home, tired and ready to just relax,” he recounted. His exhaustion turned to shock when he entered his bedroom to find Sophie and Lucas together.

“I just stood there, frozen,” Alex recalled. The confrontation that followed was brief and intense.

Sophie, wrapped in a sheet, pleaded, “Alex, please, let’s talk about this. It’s not what it looks like!”

Lucas, equally shocked, could only muster, “Man, I’m so sorry, this—”

But Alex cut him off, “Save it. Both of you, just get out.”

Sophie left a note filled with apologies and a request for a conversation, but Alex responded with a firm text, directing her to collect her belongings from Lucas’ house. Over the next week, he silently handed over Sophie’s things, ignoring both her tears and Lucas’ attempts at apology.

An Unexpected Proposal
Three years of silence followed until Lucas called from an unknown number, cheerfully announcing his plans to marry Sophie and asking Alex to be the best man. “It was like a slap in the face,” Alex explained. Initially, he slammed down the phone, overwhelmed by anger.

Lucas persisted, texting, “I know it’s a lot to ask, but I can’t imagine anyone else standing beside me. We’ll handle all the arrangements for you.”

After stewing over it, Alex agreed, seeing an opportunity for some form of closure—or perhaps revenge.

The Wedding Day
The wedding was nothing short of extravagant. Alex, having crafted a speech that felt like a mix of catharsis and condemnation, waited nervously for his turn to speak. As he stood, glass in hand, he glanced around the ornate hall, filled with unsuspecting guests.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Alex started, his voice cracking slightly under the emotional weight, “I find myself here under the most bizarre circumstances. The last time I was in the same room with both bride and groom, I discovered them in my bed.”

The crowd gasped, and murmurs spread like wildfire.

“I loved her. I was going to propose,” Alex continued, his voice gaining strength. “And you, Lucas, were like a brother to me.”

He concluded, “May your marriage have more honesty than our friendship and your engagement did.” Dropping the microphone, Alex walked out, the room buzzing with shock and whispers.

His mother later berated him for the speech, siding with Lucas and Sophie. Despite the family backlash, messages of support from friends and some distant relatives affirmed that not everyone saw his actions as unjustified.

In the aftermath, as Alex distanced himself further from his family, he shared his journey, from pain to a tentative peace, with the online community, eliciting a mix of sympathy and admiration for his courage.

How would you have handled this situation if you were in Alex’s shoes? What do you think of his decision to confront the situation head-on during the wedding?


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