Husband Demands Privacy with Stepson, Concerned Wife Installs Camera in Child’s Room — Today’s Highlight

Husband Demands Privacy with Stepson, Concerned Wife Installs Camera in Child’s Room — Today’s Highlight

Man Insists on Being Alone with Stepson, Wife Gets Suspicious and Puts Camera in Boy’s Room — Story of the Day

When her second husband grew overly fond of her 16-year-old son, Ryan, Laura Parker felt uneasy. One day, her husband locked himself with the boy in his bedroom, telling her to give them some privacy. Suspicious and scared, Laura installed a hidden camera in Ryan’s bedroom. The footage she saw the next day broke her heart.

Laura James was now Mrs. Parker. She married her long-time partner, Jeffrey Parker, in a private ceremony. It was her second marriage, and Ryan, her 16-year-old son, was her best man. The first three months were perfect. Laura, Jeffrey, and Ryan made a happy threesome.

However, it wasn’t until one evening that Laura noticed something peculiar between Jeffrey and Ryan. “Why are you hugging him so tight?” she asked her husband. “You almost choked him!” she joked. But deep inside, Laura suspected something strange about Jeffrey’s sudden affection for Ryan…

But the last straw was when she woke up in the middle of the night and found Jeffrey missing. She followed weird noises to Ryan’s bedroom and froze as she pressed her ears to the door, listening to the strange sounds inside.


“So, where were you last night?” Laura fumed at Jeffrey the next morning. “I saw you were not in the bedroom.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks when she saw the footage of Jeffrey and Ryan in the bedroom.
Jeffrey paled out at Laura’s questions. He had no idea that she had been awake last night. He chimed in with excuses. “Oh, that! Er…I was checking for new software updates.”

But Laura knew it was a lie. “Software updates in Ryan’s room?” she retorted. Jeffrey shrugged it off as nothing. He looked Laura in the eye and assured her it was what he said.

For a brief moment, she believed him and kissed him bye. But later that evening, Laura again woke up to weird noises from Ryan’s room. She decided to confront Jeffrey the next day.

“I want to know what’s keeping you and Ryan awake and locked up all the time? Especially late at night after I’m fast asleep,” she demanded.

But Jeffrey brushed it off as nothing. “We were just having a dad-son conversation,” he said. “Chill, honey! We’re trying to get to know each other better.”


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