Husband Betrays Wife With Secretary, Then Faces Instant Retribution

Husband Betrays Wife With Secretary, Then Faces Instant Retribution

Shirley’s world came crashing down when she caught her husband, Brody, in a compromising position with another woman at his workplace. Following his threats to divorce her and seize everything, Shirley found herself destitute and heartbroken. Yet, unexpectedly, someone new came into her life, turning everything around.

In shock, Shirley witnessed her husband, Brody, shamelessly engaging with his secretary, Lila, at their shared office. Her hands shook, causing her to drop the items she was holding, yet they seemed oblivious to her presence.

“Brody, what is this?” Shirley demanded, her voice slicing through the office quiet.

Brody dismissed her concerns with a wave, “What’s the problem, Shirley? We’re merely discussing work.”

“This is a work discussion?” Shirley’s tone was steeped in disbelief. “With your hands where they shouldn’t be? In front of everyone?”

“Don’t create a scene,” Brody cautioned, but Shirley stood firm.

“We need to talk. Alone. Now!” she insisted.

Brody’s demeanor hardened. “You can’t dictate what I do. I’m filing for divorce today and taking the house.”

“You can’t take my house. It belonged to my parents. You have no rights to it!”

Brody grinned maliciously. “Have you forgotten that you’ve been married to a lawyer for seven years? Watch me. I’ll have Lila moved in, and we’ll make every room ours.”

Reeling from shock and sorrow, Shirley struggled to respond as Brody pressed his wedding ring into the cake she had brought to celebrate with him.

“Perhaps you can pawn this for a dog house,” he taunted, exiting with Lila.

Surrounded by pitying murmurs, Shirley found herself dazed. Later, alone in a modest hotel room, tears flowed as she contemplated her crumbling relationship.

How had the man she vowed to be with forever turned into a stranger? Was it her fault for letting herself go? Had she driven Brody to Lila?

Emotionally overwhelmed, she struck a pillow, hoping to vent some anger, when a knock at her door startled her. Expecting hotel staff, she was surprised to see a stranger instead.


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