Her Son’s Hair ‘Breaks All The Rules’ And Now She Can’t Find A School

Her Son’s Hair ‘Breaks All The Rules’ And Now She Can’t Find A School

Struggles Over School Policies
Eight-year-old Farouk James from London is facing difficulties finding a school due to his unique hairstyle. Farouk, with a Caucasian mother and a Ghanaian father, has never cut his hair as per his father’s wish, leading to an abundant, curly mane. His mother, Miller, fully supports his decision to keep it long, believing he shouldn’t have to cut his beautiful hair.

Conflicting School Rules
The school system, however, has stringent policies on hairstyles. Many schools have rules that prohibit boys from having long hair, often requiring that hair must not touch the collar and should be no longer than a “number two” cut. One school’s policy states that boys must have short hair while girls are allowed to keep theirs long, which complicates Farouk’s situation.

Search for Acceptance
Miller has been tirelessly searching for a school that will accept Farouk as he is, but the rigid policies have made it challenging. “We never expected it to grow as much as it did,” she shared, emphasizing the unexpected nature of the situation. This ongoing struggle highlights the tension between personal expression and institutional regulations.


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