Ex-Model On Addiction And Homeless Life: ‘I’m In A Lot Of Pain’

Ex-Model On Addiction And Homeless Life: ‘I’m In A Lot Of Pain’

Rather than her flawlessly bronzed figure and beautiful blonde hair, Willison reappeared with short hair, unkempt appearance, and missing upper teeth.

Willison stated that her stomach hurts “really bad” and that she is “in a lot of pain” during the interview on Friday.

She insisted that since she was “electrocuted” daily for almost a year, she “can’t live inside anywhere” and that she is no longer able to be around electricity.

“I think because [I pick] up on the electricity, I also pick up on other things, like certain chemicals or batteries, or fuses, like wire, different types of metals. So I think my body even filters that kind of stuff,” she explained.

“I’m not sure exactly, I’d have to go through a big X-ray, sonogram machine or something to see that. It’s pretty intense.”

Willison said, “There’s nothing that anybody can offer me,” in response to a question about whether she had requested the city of Los Angeles for assistance. Nothing can be done to assist.

She stated she has received offers of assistance but has never asked for it.

While explaining that she’s “not necessarily” happy with her life’s path, she noted: “There’s good parts and there’s bad parts, but whatever.”

Her severely injured fingers were also noted by the interviewer. Willison reassured him, “I’ll be fine,” when he advised that she have them examined.

In a 2018 interview, Willison talked about her problems with energy to the Daily Mail. She said at the time that she was addicted to crystal meth and was “getting tortured in my home, my apartment.”

The 42-year-old Jackson has been candid about his personal struggles with drug, steroid, and alcohol addiction.

Jackson entered into a plea agreement in 2017 to serve jail time for allegedly stabbing a woman in Los Angeles in 2015.

In 2015, he was also dismissed from “Celebrity Big Brother” for reportedly ripping off model Chloe Goodman’s robe.

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