Elton John makes startling claim about Michael Jackson years after his death

Elton John makes startling claim about Michael Jackson years after his death

Elton John’s Memoir Sheds Light on Michael Jackson and More

A Life Rich in Stories

In the realm of showbiz, where lives are often as unpredictable as they are public, Elton John stands as an icon with a wealth of experiences and stories. Given his decades-long career, it comes as no surprise that the 75-year-old musician has released a memoir, aptly named ‘Me,’ that has garnered much attention.

“In showbiz, some people fear being recognized on the streets, while others are out-of-this-world superstars. Elton John belongs to the latter.”

The Memoir’s Revelations

While Elton John’s book covers a myriad of topics, from poignant to hilarious, what has captivated the internet most are his remarks about the late Michael Jackson. Elton’s relationship with Jackson dates back to when the King of Pop was a teenager. The book reveals how Jackson’s persona underwent a negative transformation over the years, which Elton attributes, in part, to prescription drug use.

“He was just the most adorable kid you could imagine. But at some point… he started sequestering himself away from the world and from reality,” Elton writes.

Controversial Views on Michael Jackson

Elton John does not hold back in his analysis, stating bluntly that Jackson seemed mentally ill during his later years. He describes him as a “disturbing person to be around.” Addressing the enduring cloud of sexual abuse allegations against Jackson, Elton observes that the pop star seemed incapable of handling adult company, for reasons he doesn’t specify.


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