After Husband’s Death, Widow Finds His Unfinished Letter to Another Woman and Pays Her a Visit – Story of the Day – LATEST!

After Husband’s Death, Widow Finds His Unfinished Letter to Another Woman and Pays Her a Visit – Story of the Day – LATEST!

Meredith Arnold was going through her late husband’s belongings when she came across an unfinished letter addressed to an unknown woman. Thinking her husband was having an affair, she decided to confront the other woman, but she burst into tears when she discovered the whole truth.

Meredith was standing, teary-eyed, in front of a newly dug grave. Everyone had left after her husband’s funeral, but she just couldn’t take her eyes away from the fresh mound of earth.

Oh, Justin, how happy we were. If only I could see you and hug you one more time. Meredith’s mind wandered to her late husband. They met for the first time when they were 16 years old. That first glance had convinced Meredith that he was the one. Then they spent dates in restaurants and museums and never parted again.

Justin was a devoted husband, and she adored him. The only flaw in their happily married life had been their inability to have children, but their love for each other and their togetherness had soon filled the void, and they were happy—until Meredith received a call one fateful day informing her that her beloved husband had died in a car accident.

The woman sobbed for hours, cursing her cruel life, and after the funeral, she just sat in front of the grave, remembering how sweet her 55 years of marriage with her beloved husband had been.


As the sun started setting and the darkness and cold overtook, Meredith went inside the house and slowly walked through her husband’s study, which was still filled with his lovely fragrance.

Why did this happen to us, Justin? Why is life so unfair to us? Meredith couldn’t stop crying as she looked around the room. She silently sat at the desk—where Justin would often spend his nights working till late—remembering how she chastised him when he didn’t give her time. Then she quietly opened the drawer containing his documents.

Oh, these horrible documents! She mulled as she took them out one by one. These kept you occupied. Ahh … How much I despised them. But to be honest, I don’t mind if you work late, Justin. All I want is for you to come back, just come back! The elderly lady burst into tears. Just then, something caught her attention.


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